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A guide for Muay Thai shorts

Muay Thai shorts RAWSTRNGTH for women | Gym Aesthetics

Once you’re ready to engage in Muay Thai boxing, you need the right sportswear in Thailand that has the perfect design and is made with the right cloth. You need the right Muay Thai shorts to ensure comfort when training, and other sportswear for extra protection. 

Why you need Muay Thai sportswear for training in Thailand 

Safety is one of the most important reasons why you need to shop for Muay Thai sportswear. As you get engaged in training, you need shin guards, gloves, mouth guards, and other sports gear to protect you from injury. 

Muay Thai Sportswear is also a way to make a fashion statement as these sports wears come in unique designs and fashions. 

There are several shopping malls in Thailand where you can purchase Muay Thai shorts and sportswear.   

List of Muay Thai Sportswear for training in Thailand 

Here are some things to buy once you’re ready to hit the training gym for your fitness and weight loss training: 

1.    Muay Thai Shorts    

Muay Thai shorts are comfortable, have great legroom, and help you maintain the right stance when training and fighting. 

2.    Tops    

Muay Thai sports can be used interchangeably with a singlet, sports bra, or a sports tee, although men can fight without shirts. 

3.    Boxing gloves    

Muay Thai boxing gloves help to protect your hand from injuries when you train and spar. You can also use a cloth to wrap your hands.  

4.    Mouth and Shin Guards    

When training in a Muay Thai, Shin guards, Mouthguards, and Ankle guards will protect you from injury and ensure you don’t lose your tooth when sparring. 

5.    Pads 

Some people also need elbow and chest pads when training, although that is for advanced stage sparring. 

Qualities of a great Muay Thai sportswear 

1.    Comfort  

A great Muay Thai short or sportswear should not be too tight or too big or cause any type of discomfort. Good sportswear should sit comfortably on your body without being too tight. Tight sportswear can restrict the flow of blood in certain areas of the body, which is bad for exercise and training.  

2.    Fashion and trendy  

The best Muay Thai sportswear is one that has a fashionable design and style. You don’t need a short or sportswear that is boring, which is why you need to shop for sportswear from the brands that have the best products.  

3.    Affordable and cost-effective  

The best of Muay Thai training sportswear doesn’t have to be expensive. So, don’t spend all your money on an expensive training kit. You can always go shopping for Muay Thais sportswear at a shop where you have products that balance cost and quality adequately.  

Muay Thai sportswear in Thailand is essential for fitness training  

When you are ready to visit Thailand for your fitness training, this guide will help you to shop for the best sportswear. 

You need shorts at Suwitmuaythai with lower risk and sportswear that will be best suited for your exercises and protect you as you work towards your fitness goal.