November 28, 2022


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Back to School – Retail Sales & Inventory Reporting

By Jim Lewis, CEO Enhanced Retail Alternatives LLC

I just lately had the honor of lecturing at my alma mater, the College of Florida. We talked over the principles of retail analytics, the resources and roles of retail and wholesale inventory planners. We talked about how merchandise selections are designed to with any luck , make magic on the product sales floor. But the magic doesn’t often materialize.

A pupil questioned what will cause a shop to have empty shelves. Which is a complete lecture in just by itself. We talked about some of the motives- what can be managed and what can’t. They know what they study- that the pandemic induced havoc on the supply chain. Whilst that is actual, there are quite a few other causes, in particular now that the supply chain is easing. We focused on finding out the mechanics of how out of shares final result in lost income. 1 of the stories I showed the inventory of an product by keep by 7 days, highlighting when it was out of inventory. Pupils speedily did the math to determine out how a lot cash was currently being left on the desk.

Monitor stock by sku by week by keep to locate outs and misplaced possibility.

Predicting Out of Shares

Though there are some retailers whose philosophy is that they’d somewhat be out of stock than mark down an item, the large greater part really don’t want to be out of stock. Stopping stock outs demands a whole lot of transferring parts to sync harmoniously. There will have to be a constant movement of inventory coming from the wholesale side with peaks and lulls taken into thing to consider. The allocation procedure depends very substantially on the sophistication of the retailer. Some auto replenishment systems only stick to a minimum amount quantity, some include amount of sale to that, but most aren’t clever enough to prioritize stores and products that are out the most. And several never include back shed product sales, which usually means the complete basis for the forecast does not mirror the correct prospective. Then there is the sheer quantity of sku’s- hundreds of thousands of sku-store mixtures to regulate.

Track Store Outs

Retain keep track of of the outlets or things that are regularly out of stock.


The very best method for remaining in inventory is VMI (Seller Managed Inventory) where by the retailer employ’s their supplier’s means to forecast and guarantee outlets continue to be in inventory.  It in essence suggests all those sku’s will have much more target on them than non-seller managed goods. This concentration enables the supplier laser concentrate on merchants and sku’s that are most very likely to go out of stock, and beef them up.


Even with the ideal of intentions, there may well not be plenty of stock or open to get to allocate in the most successful manner. That is why documenting scenarios is important. If you only have so several assets- which merchants or merchandise will get fed to start with? What receives prioritized? Or does every single shop get a smaller sized quantity? These may perhaps improve depending on the scenario, but we suggest establishing a “play book” so there is a prepare in put.

Information Science

It truly is not mind science. We have an abundance of studies and techniques that frequently examine which products and outlets are offered out- so that inventory can be prioritized to repair the difficulty. Based mostly on a mix of details factors- wholesale stock move, historic keep and product stock outs, seasonality, promotions, etc., we use a number of straightforward algorithms to do the do the job. It does involve powerful computing ability to sift via tens of millions or billions of documents of details, so it is not for the faint at heart.

I usually get pleasure from conversing to pupils. At its coronary heart, ERS was launched on education- teaching companies to think and act like stores. It has developed into much extra in excess of the very last 20 yrs, but training stays a main concentrate of our small business.

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