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Best Hair Moisturizer for Natural and Realxed Hair


best moisturizer for 4c hair

Today I will be reviewing my favorite top 5 hair moisturizers. Hair moisturizer cream is very important to incorporate into your hair regimen because it hydrates and moisturizes dry hair, therefore preventing hair breakage. I decided to post my favorite daily moisturizer for natural hair because these products have been working great for me and others could benefit.

Why Use A Hair Moisturizer Cream?

Moisture is a key element that natural hair really needs on a daily basis. The best way to benefit from moisture in natural hair is by using a daily moisturizer for natural hair. They also protect the hair from natural elements such as cold air from cold weather, harsh fabrics that may rub against the hair such as clothing, and everyday styling.

Let’s be real, if you don’t moisturize your natural hair, it can end up being so brittle and hard and will eventually snap off with daily manipulation.

There is also another way that you can incorporate moisture daily into your natural hair and that is the LCO method.

What is the LCO Method?

The LCO Method is a very easy moisturizing method that you can incorporate into your hair regimen today.

L stands for leave-in or liquid and this mainly represents products that you can use in your hair while it is damp after washing it. You can also re-wet your hair slightly and then apply your leave-in product to your hair.

C stands for cream-based products. This is the topic that I am tackling today and will be going over my favorites. You can basically apply the cream to your hair after you have applied a leave-in conditioner.

O stands for Oil. You can apply your favorite oil to your hair after applying your favorite cream to seal in all of the moisture you just put in your hair. You may want to resist applying too much oil as it can weigh the hair down and make it greasy, so use sparingly.

Best Hair Moisturizer

Mizani Rose H20

The Mizani rose H20 has been a staple for me when I was younger and as a teen, I would use this on my hair, and my hair would flourish. It is a light mixture of oils and creams that benefit the hair. It also smells amazing!

I am so glad to see that it is still available to purchase on the Mizani website as it is a very popular product. It is a cream moisturizer that is on the pricey side but it is also a salon-quality product, so I guess that is why it is so expensive.

Although I don’t have this moisturizer in my stash now, I wanted to mention it as I may be purchasing it in the near future and hopefully, it still smells great and delivers the same results. You can purchase it here.

creme of nature hair moisturizer

Crème of Nature Hair Moisturizer

Another staple that I currently am using in rotation with my other moisturizing creams is the crème of nature hair moisturizer. This is a fairly newer product and was launched with the Crème of Nature Argan Oil Collection.

As I mentioned in a previous blog post, I discover the crème of nature argan oil hair moisturizer after seeing my mother using this line. She was using the Argan oil reconstructor and all I noticed was how nice it smelt. It was something that I wanted to buy.

I know how the reconstructor in a bottle and this conditioner is amazing at strengthening and moisturizing the hair. It’s definitely something that I would recommend to others.

Recently, I decided to try the crème moisturizer after getting great results with the shampoo and conditioner. So far I like this product, it is fairly good for its low price but is also comparable to other cream conditioners on the market that are at an affordable price range. If you want to purchase this product, you can find it here.

anti hair breakage products

Motions CPR Anti Breakage Hair Lotion

I discovered this product after using the motions CPR conditioner. Back in the day, this conditioner was my go-to! This is a conditioner that I fell in love and it was great for keeping breakage at bay and strengthening my hair.

Recently I purchased this lotion by accident on amazon after trying to buy the CPR conditioner online. I believe that motions CPR has been discontinued and I can’t believe that such a good product has halted production I basically thought that I was purchasing the conditioner.

Low and behold the item that I bought online was a hair lotion. To my dismay, when I tried this lotion, my hair instantly felt stronger! I kid you not! Most cream hair lotions are great at moisturizing the strands, but this lotion ended up strengthening my strands and I noticed less breakage right away when I combed through my hair there was no breakage.

I thought that I would mention this product because it is a great anti-breakage lotion. You can purchase it here.

best hair butter

Carols Daughter Healthy Hair Butter

Another hair crème that my hair adores is the carols daughter’s healthy hair butter. This crème is ideal for natural hair and hair with chemicals. But when I feel like I need hair butter then this is the product that I love to use.

I love how this cream is very thick and smells like natural ingredients and would recommend this cream for natural styles such as twist-outs or braid outs and it will also give a nice sheen to any of these styles if you use it after styling the hair.

Personally, I like to use this product when I am wearing my hair in its curly state, this is when my hair gets the driest, and your average cream moisturizer may not do the job. If you are interested in this product, you can typically find it at most beauty supply shops or you can find it online here.

elasta qp mango butter moisturizer

Elasta QP Mango butter Moisturizer

Now, I discovered this product several years ago back when I went natural.

There were a lot of products that I have tried and tested out and out of all of them I choose the elastic QP olive oil and mango butter moisturizer.

I’m actually surprised that they still have it on the shelves and that it hasn’t been discontinued like the majority of the products I have used.

When I was relaxed before I went natural my hair was relaxed bone straight. It used to have Luster’s Pink oil moisturizer back then. The consistency of this moisturizer was very thin and watery when I would use it to slick my hair back. I would brush my hair and put my hair into a ponytail. I used this instead of gel.

Ever since I went natural, I have noticed that my hair needs a thicker product like gel and hair Butters.I like to use a mango butter now when I put my hair up because it sticks to the strands and provides a decent hold. I also love the smell.

How I Discovered this Product

I remember when they first launched this product and the jar was about half the size of the jar that they make now and it was around the same price. I’m glad that they made the a larger size because my hair goes through this like butter and I always find that I am needing more and more.

So let’s talk about why I think this product is so good. Let’s talk about the benefits of some of the natural ingredients that are in this moisturizer.

First of all, it contains mango butter which is packed with vitamins antioxidants, and fatty acids. These nutrients aid in balancing the sebum production on the scalp. Mango butter also nourishes and hydrates the hair and makes the hair softer and healthier when used on a regular basis.


Mango butter is also water-based and is comparable to shea butter. Shea butter is more of an oil-based butter but mango butter is mostly water-based. The other natural ingredient in elastic QP olive oil mango and mango butter is olive oil. Olive oil contains antioxidants that helps maintain scalp and hair Health. It also prevents the hair from cell damage and nourishes and conditions the hair while at the same time improving its quality.

I like that they have combined olive oil into this butter. It never used to have it and it also prevents hair breakage and dryness. Olive oil is another natural source that I like to use around the house when I’m also cooking. I also use it on my lips to moisturize my skin.

It’s a great moisturizer.Now that I’m texturized I still look to this product when I’m looking for something that can help slick my hair back and moisturize my hair because it’s still very thick.

I would highly recommend this hair butter. It is also comparable to Carol’s Daughter Hair butter, but I like that the price of this mango butter and it’s a lot easier to find at your local beauty supply store.


I hope you enjoyed this blog post and have benefited from my top recommendations for the best moisturizer for natural hair in 2022. I went over my favorites such as products by Mizani, Crème of Nature, Carols Daughter, Motions, and Elasta QP.

Remember, moisturizing your hair is a crucial part of maintaining healthy relaxed/ natural hair. You can also incorporate moisturizing your hair by using the LCO method, which I explained briefly earlier in this blog post. Stay tuned for more great product recommendations!


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