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Gold, Silver and Platinum: Learn All about our Precious Metals

Features that are scarce and chemically inert are regarded as treasured metals. They have a high economic benefit considering the fact that they are scarce in character. Jewellerry, industrial procedures, and financial investment automobiles all usually use important metals.

The four major valuable metals are palladium, platinum, silver, and gold. The qualities of the completed products can be improved by combining typical alloying aspects with the most important important metals, depending on the application. Non-precious metallic jewelry and accessories can also include other attention-grabbing factors.

Here at Cooksongold we use the the greatest good quality alloys for our castings which include Silver, Platinum and 9 or 18ct Purple, Yellow and White Gold. These three metals have remained really well-known extra time and have a timeless style wherever they are utilised heavily in present day style

Did you know that all our gold casting alloys (excluding Fairtrade) comprise 100% recycled gold, as accredited by the Accountable Jewellery Council Chain of Custody. In addition, our Sterling Silver is also certified 100% recycled.

White, Yellow and Red Gold
White, Yellow and Red Gold 3D printed Signet Rings


Gold has prolonged been prized for its splendor, but it also has actual physical features that have fascinated people. A lot of jewellery designers and producers prefer gold to other metals simply because it under no circumstances tarnishes and has exceptional workability. In actuality, a thread produced of 1 ounce of gold may possibly extend a lot more than 50 kilometres in length. That volume can also be rolled up into a sheet that is 100 square toes in dimensions. Gold is a treasured steel for both equally designers and people for the reason that, with correct treatment, it may perhaps past eternally. It does not oxidise or corrode, and the only factors that can hurt it are a handful of unheard of acids or hot chlorine bleach.

In accordance to the latest exploration, gold is imagined to have its origins billions of decades in the past in the distant reaches of the universe. In the early days of Earth, it arrived as dust. Gold has been through several changes, and the jewellery-quality metal could do so in the long run. By melting down previous gold products and reconstructing the gold into new parts, gold can be recycled. For occasion, damaged jewelry and aged coins can be melted down and utilised to generate brand name-new gold jewellery.

Gold Alloys

Gold has several attractive traits, but it does have one major flaw: softness. This indicates that it degrades speedily. (This characteristic is various from hardness measures utilized in gemology and mineralogy as a evaluate of scratch resistance.) But when gold is mixed with other metals, stronger, more resilient gold alloys are manufactured that are superior suited for jewelry software. Though some jewellery designers do utilise pure gold, most individuals don’t have on pure gold jewelry often mainly because it effortlessly dents and shows use.

Silver, copper, nickel, iron, zinc, tin, manganese, cadmium, and titanium are metals that are regularly alloyed with gold for jewelry-building. Alloying not only enhances the energy of gold, but also some of its other traits. For occasion, particular gold alloys may well discolour apparel or trigger allergic reactions. These reactions are not introduced on by the gold alone. As an alternative, it is the alloyed metals.

Silver 3D printed ‘Unity’ Ring


Men and women have valued silver much more than gold at various details in heritage. Silver has a very long heritage of use as an trade medium and in jewelry, in addition to many far more novel programs. These now include things like, to point out a handful of, pictures, batteries, vehicle glass defoggers, and magnetic strips.

Silver is one of the most typically employed jewellery metals owing to a number of features. Its most striking visual attribute is its glow. Moreover, in contrast to gold or platinum, silver is extra inexpensive and more abundant. Nevertheless, silver is much more demanding to offer with than gold owing to how efficiently metal transmits warmth. Due to the fact of this, commencing jewellery makers regularly find out how to solder silver. Controlling the heat on gold becomes less complicated as they master their soldering system on this highly conductive metallic.

Silver Alloys

Pure silver is fragile and inclined to harm, just like gold. In order to increase the sturdiness of silver, jewelry producers regularly alloy it with more challenging metals. With silver alloys, they can create amazing, sturdy pieces that are suitable for every day wear.

Silver Jewellery Use

Jewellery makers inscribe a code for the alloy employed on pieces of silver. For instance, the quantities 925 and 958 denote sterling silver and Britannia silver, respectively. When getting silver jewellery, spend near focus to the piece to seem for this code.

Other silver jewelry metals are deserving of see, even even though jewellers choose sterling silver to any other alloy for silver jewellery.

Platinum 3D Printed Genko Ring
Platinum Genko Ring


Platinum possesses unmatched keeping strength and longevity although being far more high priced and uncommon than gold. No tarnish occurs. With regard to engagement and wedding ceremony rings in distinct, these traits make it one of the most sought-after, top quality jewellery metals.

Catalytic converters are just a person instance of the several industrial utilizes for platinum. In actuality, this is the utilisation of 50 percent of the platinum mined in the United States and a quarter of the platinum mined globally. Platinum is one more weighting substance employed by the US Bureau of Benchmarks. These weights are continuous more than time mainly because this metal does not oxidise.

Platinum Alloys

In reality, “platinum” refers to a assortment of metals. This group also consists of iridium, osmium, palladium, rhodium, and ruthenium. All of these metals, with the exception of osmium, have jewellery employs, with platinum becoming the most prevalent.

Platinum Jewellery Use

Although platinum has been used in a lot of artefacts considering that 700 BCE, its application in jewelry is more the latest. Its terribly superior melting level and robust corrosion resistance built the metallic challenging to refine for lots of decades. Platinum was to start with utilized as an inlay in ancient Egypt, in accordance to information. (The Egyptians, even so, believed that this metal was a style of electrum.) For ages, Native Us citizens employed platinum in little ornamental things. Europeans were unaware of platinum right until the Spanish learned it in the New Earth. It was acknowledged as platina, which is Spanish for “small silver.” They considered this to be “unripe gold” and hence useless in accordance with the notions of the period regarding the creation of metals.

Researchers first recognised platinum as a novel metal in the 18th century. A Swedish chemist named Henrik Scheffer identified how to melt platinum employing arsenic. As quickly as refining was doable, platinum was utilized by artisans to embellish porcelain and by experts to make laboratory equipment. However, working with arsenic to refine platinum turned out to be incredibly dangerous. As a end result, platinum did not come to be particularly perfectly-recognized until finally the progress of the oxyhydrogen torch in the mid-1800s.

In the 19th century, new platinum ore discoveries captivated the consideration of jewellers, who began applying the metallic. It turned into a position and prosperity marker for early 20th-century superstars. Greta Garbo and other film stars commonly wore platinum jewellery and accessories. The platinum location of the 530-carat “Star of Africa” diamond on the British royal sceptre.

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