November 28, 2022


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What Is Hair Colour Correction

No matter if you want to give contemporary lift to your mane, or want to radically change your graphic, it is exciting transforming your hair color. But at times, excitement can transform into embarrassment if it all goes terribly incorrect. Uneven tones, brassy tints and shades that are as well light-weight or darkish, change your hair colour goals into a […]

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Whether you want to give fresh raise to your mane, or want to radically change your graphic, it is exciting transforming your hair colour. But often, exhilaration can convert into humiliation if it all goes terribly incorrect.

Uneven tones, brassy tints and shades that are way too light-weight or dark, convert your hair colour desires into a nightmare. So, while you might feel all hope is shed, there is a answer hair colour correction.

“I appreciate a colour correction” suggests Tina Mehmi from our Color Workshop. “To be able to undo a colour that a customer doesn’t like to a colour they like is empowering for a hairdresser.” With Tina by our aspect, we share what hair colour correction will involve from get started to finish, and free you from your miscoloured mishaps eternally.

How does hair color correction get the job done?

In a nutshell, hair color correction is meticulously implementing a new color shade to give you a much healthier, even textured mane. Toners neutralise the existing colour of your ‘do, which then lets the cuticles to get a corrected colour extra proficiently. “The issue of your hair performs an integral part” Tina reviews.

“If your hair is not in very good ailment, then we would not recommend lightening or darkening your hair any longer. So, we would need to have to glance at other choices. Additionally, your way of life would need to be regarded as since there is routine maintenance associated in a colour modify.”

Dry and colourless blue locks.
Colour corrected electric blue tresses.

Hair color correction: action-by-action

Correcting uneven hair is far more complex than just dyeing your mane. That’s why we usually propose reserving an appointment at your closest salon and getting your colour corrected professionally.

The urge to get your hair fixed quickly requirements to be prevented also. Hold out at minimum 4 months right after your colour catastrophe, so that you can achieve the strongest outcomes.

You have to have to get ready for the extended haul as hair correction can choose many periods, which when included up, can occasionally be involving four to 8 hours in the salon!

A dry blonde balayage with faded colour.Wavy hair with colour corrected blonde highlights.

1. Pick out

Before correcting the tone of any mane, deciding upon the proper colour is critical to stay away from repeating the same challenges. “We discuss what you like about your existing color and what you don’t” explains Tina. “We glance at photos and get inspiration for colours you’d like via Pinterest and Instagram.”

“Clients skin tone and eye color are also taken into account. If the customer is currently rather unhappy with their hair, transforming colour to one thing that will not compliment them could make them experience worse” provides Tina.

A colour mismatched blonde pixie cut.
A colour coordinated ash blonde pixie ‘do.

2. Look at

To make absolutely sure the shade you have chosen is the proper just one for you, we diligently evaluate the problem of your mane. Incorrect solution decision can trigger your hair to turn into dry and brittle. So before fixing your colour, we may well will need to increase the humidity and wellness of your strands, to obtain the ideal benefits for your color correction.

3. Use

When we’re delighted the overall health of your tresses has improved and you have selected your new shade, the minute you have been waiting around arrives…Colour correction!

So, take pleasure in chatting to your colour expert, checking the latest happenings on social media and soothing, when the color of your locks is transformed with either textured toners, daring bleaches or fragile dyes.

4. Full

Following hrs sitting patiently, we will reveal your new colour corrected hairdo, complete of jazz and swish to envy. But which is not the final phase of your color correction journey. There is the significant phase of post-procedure routine maintenance.

Frayed blonde locks lacking colour.
Beautiful and delicately coloured waterfall hair.

5. Servicing

“To be certain the really ideal outcomes from your color correction, I would place a client on a 4-7 days maintenance program” clarifies Tina.

“This includes making use of the ideal following-treatment products, which are Kerastase Blond Absolu and Chroma Absolu. I also propose minimising the use of sizzling instruments, in particular when bleach has been utilized.”

Unevenly coloured and highlighted dark hair.
Dark healthy locks in a gorgeous colour.

So, though it may seem to be there is no hope, our colour correction authorities can save your locks from despair and, with careful maintenance, get your hair wanting the ideal it at any time has!

Alongside with colour correction, hair glossing is an additional treatment method that can revitalise the of your locks. In the words of Tina, our “Colour glossing company is amazing to do following a color correction. It improves the glow, offers your color an costly seem, and provides much more color pigment again into the hair.”