January 28, 2023


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Why You Need a Humidifier This Season

When the air turns cold and dry during the winter months, it can cause a host of problems for the body and the home. One of the most effective ways to combat this change in the air is with a humidifier. A humidifier works by emitting water vapor mist into the air to increase the level of moisture in a room. Benefits can be enjoyed all year round, but using a humidifier during the winter season is essential for health, comfort, and preservation.  

Delivers a Restful Night of Sleep

Using a humidifier in the bedroom can help you and your family sleep better each night. When the weather is cold, homeowners and renters will turn on the heat to stay warm. Heated air tends to make the air dry to create low humidity levels. The air will absorb moisture which can lead to discomfort. Keeping a humidifier in the bedroom can help maintain a healthy humidity level to keep you comfortable so you can sleep soundly. 

A humidifier is also a great way to relieve common sleep challenges. Snoring is often caused by dry tissue so when a humidifier is running, it can decrease snoring. While humidifiers often get a bad reputation for being loud, there are plenty of products that are quiet so you don’t have to sacrifice a peaceful night of sleep. 

Prevents and Treats Common Seasonal Illnesses

Winter is the prime season for contracting illnesses such as the cold or flu. When the air is dry, it can irritate the skin, such as the nasal passage. When the nasal passage and airways are dry, it can make the body more susceptible to contracting illnesses. Regularly using a humidifier can be beneficial in staving off the cold and flu.

Sometimes, no matter how precautious you are, you can still end up with the cold or flu. Common symptoms include dry cough, nasal congestion, a runny nose, and more. Maintaining optimal humidity levels with an ultrasonic humidifier can help ease the symptoms so you suffer less and can find better comfort whether you’re trying to sleep or rest.   

Increases Moisture to Combat Dryness

Dryness in the winter is incredibly common due to the chill in the air. While this dryness can happen in a way that can cause or worsen winter sickness, there are also other effects on the body that are bothersome. Winter dryness can result in bloody noses, chapped lips, flaky skin, dehydrated hair, and more. Dealing with this dryness can be annoying and you try your best to deliver moisture to your body whether it’s through lotions, chapstick, or other moisture-rich products.

Instead of trying all kinds of products, each treating different ailments, consider trying one single item to help combat it: a humidifier. Regular use of a humidifier in your home or office and provide your body with the moisture it needs to prevent the effects of dry air. You will feel much more comfortable and experience less stress from trying to feel better. Humidifiers can also be a great option for offices so don’t forget to leave out that space even if it is out of the house so you can continue to enjoy the benefits.  

Preserves the Inside of the Home

It is common to focus on the effects humidity has on the body but that is not the only cause of concern when dealing with dry air in the winter. When the air is dry in the home, it can cause harmful effects on many areas of the home, both structural and home design. Doors, floors, moldings, and furniture can become damaged due to a loss of moisture. This damage could be gaps in the trim of doors or floors, in the bubbling of wallpaper, or cracks in wood floors or furniture.

To avoid having to deal with this type of damage, which can be costly to fix, use humidifiers in the home. You can determine how many humidifiers your home needs based on the square footage of your rooms. When shopping for a humidifier, take note of the room size capacity and purchase the correct size for the rooms you plan to use them in. This way, you ensure you are preserving the room appropriately.


You don’t have to let the dry winter air wreak havoc on your home and body this season. Invest in quality humidifiers for your home and office so you can deliver just the right moisture to the areas that need it most so you don’t have to feel uncomfortable this winter.