May 18, 2024


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Buying an Engagement Ring In 3 Easy Steps

Breathe Easy: The 5 Steps to Buying an Engagement Ring | The Plunge

Purchasing an engagement ring can be challenging. It can put a lot of pressure on men, but they still do it to show how much they value their partners. Jewelry stores are giving them a lot of options so they can be able to make their choice and find something that can be perfect for their partners. Here is a guide on three steps to buying a diamond. Buying an engagement ring in 3 easy steps can be a good start in picking an engagement ring. 

Step 1: Picking the Shape

What should I prioritize when buying a diamond? Picking a shape can be a good start. Women are very particular with the shapes of their jewelry. Most women have their reasons why they have favorite shapes, it can be a symbol of something, or they just really love the shape. Giving her an engagement ring with her favorite shape can mean a lot to her. Start checking on her favorite shape by looking at her jewelry and clothes design so you can get a clue or if you already know then good for you.

Step 2: Get Familiar With the 4cs

When it comes to diamonds, checking on the 4cs is the best way to determine their authenticity. So to help you know the 4cs here are some pointers:


Diamonds may look colorless but they are actually graded according to from being colorless to being yellow. Colorless ones are the most expensive and they are rare. The best alternative to colorless diamonds is nearly colorless, they are more affordable and at the same time available. Diamonds with noticeable yellowness are not recommended but they are cheaper. 


Cutting the diamond in a shape should come with accuracy. Have your diamond cut by an expert so they can cut it according to the standard cut. Cut grades range from excellent to poor. Excellent cuts are recommended since this can affect the durability of the diamond. 


Diamonds came from mines so most of them have flaws or what they call inclusions. Inclusions are blemishes seen on diamonds. Clary grades range from flawless to Included. The best choice would be flawless however they are rare and expensive, very slightly included and slightly included can be good alternatives. Inclusions are not seen by the naked eye in these grades, which means they are still a good choice. Diamonds with inclusion seen by the naked eye are not recommended. Clarity also affects the durability and overall quality of the ring, so better get the best clarity grade you can get. 

Carat Weight

The price of the diamond is based on carat weight plus the overall quality of the diamond. Know your budget on how many carats can it afford. Then work on that budget, but if you have more then go for the biggest carat weights you can get.  

Step 3: Determine the Mounting

Now that you have picked the center stone then you can now pick the mounting for the ring. For the mounting, you have to choose the metal. Metals to choose from will be gold, silver, and platinum. Choose one that can match your partner’s skin tone. Next will be the designs, this can vary from simple to complicated. If your woman loves simplicity then go for it but if she wants intricate designs then ask the jeweler to customize your ring to make it more unique. 

Hope these guides in buying an engagement ring in 3 easy steps can help you get the best engagement ring for your partner. Getting an engagement ring is sure important since the event is special for both of you. This is the event in your life where you will be starting your journey as one. Getting an engagement ring is just the beginning, so choosing the perfect one can make your journey happier as well as add to the memories you can have once you are already married. An engagement ring should be as special as that chapter of your life where you are ready to commit to marrying your partner. Following the three steps in choosing an engagement ring will make it easier for you to pick the best ring that will serve as the symbol of how much you value your partner.