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I love shopping at Costco for beauty products and toiletries for just myself. Here are 13 things I always buy.


  • I’m a solo shopper who loves stocking up on beauty products and toiletries at Costco.

  • I buy necessities like makeup wipes, cotton rounds, moisturizer, and even conditioner in bulk.

  • I’ve found the best deals on some collagen powder and a facial cleansing brush at Costco.

I pick up razors for the days I actually want to shave.

The writer holds a pink pack of pink and white Venus razors

Venus razors are my go-to product for a smooth shave.Eboné Denise

Though a Costco membership may seem over the top for a single person with no kids, I’ve been a member for two years and I’ve found some great skin-care and beauty products at the store.

One of my go-to picks is these razors. I use them when I feel like shaving, which I don’t do often.

I’ve been using Venus since I was a teenager and these razors have always given me the smoothest shave with the least irritation.

You can pick up a 15-count pack for $24.99.

This moisturizer keeps me from looking ashy.

The writer holds a two-pack of Aveeno moisturizer with white and green packaging

I love that Aveeno’s moisturizer doesn’t have a strong scent.Eboné Denise

If there’s one thing I’m not going to be, it’s ashy.

My skin is naturally very dry, especially in the winter, so I stock up on Aveeno to keep my skin moisturized throughout the day without adding a scent that competes with my perfume.

You can get a two-pack for $14.89.

Hair hydration is super important to me.

The writer holds pink pump bottles of conditioner with "Monday" written on the side

I love to get a shampoo and conditioner duo.Eboné Denise

I go through a lot of conditioner each time I wash my hair, so buying bottles in bulk saves me so much energy and money.

I saw this set by Monday and knew I had to try it since it’s formulated specifically for dry hair — which definitely describes mine — and the pink bottles can add a cute pop of color to my shower. Bonus points for the bottles coming with a pump.

This is my first time getting Monday’s $24.99 set, but Nexxus and Shea Moisture are always in stock too.

You can never go wrong buying soap at Costco.

Dove bar soap in packaging with a picture of a white bar of soap with a dove design on it

I only use Dove’s brand of bar soap.Eboné Denise

Dove’s sensitive bar soap is the only formula my family used when I was growing up, and my skin won’t accept anything else at this point.

The fragrance-free formula cleanses well without stripping my skin to the point that it’s completely dry, and buying the 16-pack makes the price about $1 a bar.

You can pick up a 16-pack of this Dove soap for $15.99.

Collagen makes me feel like I’m working on that inner beauty.

Vital Proteins collagen powder blue canisters in well-stocked display

I usually add collagen powder to my morning coffee.Eboné Denise

When I hopped on the collagen bandwagon last year, Vital Proteins was my brand of choice. I stir a scoop or two in my coffee or add it to my morning smoothie.

Taking collagen supplements can come with some benefits — and there are some studies that have found evidence to suggest taking them might help skin look younger.

I only buy this collagen at Costco since it’s a much better deal.

At normal retailers, a 20-ounce container can cost about $45, but at Costco, a 24-ounce canister is only about $32.

Cotton rounds are perfect for cleaning my face.

Packs of cotton rounds with pink packaging in display

I use cotton rounds twice a day.Eboné Denise

I use cotton rounds to clean my face with micellar water in the morning and evening, so buying them in bulk is the best idea for me.

I pick up a pack of cotton rounds for $12.99.

I usually buy a multipack of makeup wipes.

The writer holds a box of Neutrogena makeup wipes

Neutrogena wipes come in handy during the day and at night.Eboné Denise

Neutrogena’s makeup-removing wipes are a great buy because an $18.99 set comes with four regular and two travel-size packs, plus a bonus supply with the Hydro Boost formula.

These come in handy on late nights when I can’t be bothered to drag myself to the bathroom to wash my face.

I also keep packs in my purse, car, and bedside table to use throughout the day.

You can find a natural-looking, everyday mascara at Costco.

The writer holds a package with "Perricone MD" written at the top and two tubes of mascara in plastic

This Perricone MD mascara separates my lashes with no clumping.Eboné Denise

I usually don’t wear a lot of makeup on a daily basis, but a little swipe of mascara does the trick for me and hopefully convinces everyone that I’m fully awake and alert in Zoom meetings.

The Perricone MD No Makeup Mascara is light and natural-looking, so I don’t mind using it every day.

I’m a fan because the formula doesn’t clump, the bristles are perfect for application, and my lashes stay soft throughout the day.

A two-pack of this mascara costs $29.99.

I like to keep products on hand for when I get my period.

Blue and orange boxes of feminine products

I never want to run out of period products.Eboné Denise

Like soap and toilet paper, it’s just best to have a stockpile of period products, like tampons, because they are something I never want to run out of.

I love that I can pick up a more affordable facial cleansing brush.

Box for facial cleansing brush with "Conair" and "true glow" written on it

I found this Conair cleansing brush for a more affordable price at Costco than at other stores.Eboné Denise

I’ve been considering getting a facial cleansing brush for a few months, but many of them are out of my budget.

So I was happy to see this more affordable Conair True Glow facial brush during my last shopping trip.

It’s at least $50 cheaper than other cleansing brushes I’ve looked at, so it was definitely worth the splurge.

Costco has a perfect moisturizer for winter.

The writer holds a two-pack of Olay moisturizer with purple jars in plastic packaging

This moisturizer also has retinol in it.Eboné Denise

This Olay night moisturizer is great for getting me through the dry winter months since it’s super hydrating and restores my skin while I sleep.

If my skin has patches that are really dry, I’ll add a little dab during the day as well.

You can buy a two-pack for $46.49.

Tom’s toothpaste is a great deal at Costco.

The writer holds a four-pack of Tom's toothpaste in teal and purple packaging

I picked up the peppermint flavor.Eboné Denise

The entire set costs $9.99 and, in my opinion, a better deal cannot be found.

This Tom’s of Maine natural toothpaste pack comes in a four-pack, which means each tube costs about $2.50.

I also pick up whitening strips to use every now and then.

Packs of Crest whitening strips in blue packaging and display

One pack comes with 60 whitening strips.Eboné Denise

My attention has turned to my teeth lately – I’m a proud owner of an electric toothbrush and a tongue scraper – so I figured the Crest 3D Whitestrips were a great item to add to my arsenal.

This package comes with 40 regular and 20 one-hour-express strips.

I want to avoid overusing these whitening strips, so I expect these will last me a very long time.

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