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I Moved in With My Boyfriend—These Are the 30 Affordable Home Items We’re Buying

You may be thinking, aren’t you the girl quarantining with your boyfriend? Well, we decided to make things official. When the lockdown for the pandemic started, my boyfriend and I had just gotten back from a vacation in Kauai. (Yes, we know how lucky our timing was. Yes, we know to never take a vacation for granted.) I decided to hunker down with him to reduce back and forth from our homes out of the safety for ourselves and my two roommates. So eight days together turned into a month, which turned into another month, and now we’re in a third month, and things feel good. If we can spend every day together for, what, 90 days—in pretty grave circumstances, mind you—and still feel the love, then we figured this step only makes sense.

So now it’s time to make this apartment a home. Normally, we’re the type of people who’d love to scour vintage shops, flea markets, and garage sales for our homewares, but since that’s not really an option right now, we’re turning to our favorite retailers to brighten up our home. Sometimes we may not immediately agree on what to buy and in what shade, but we always align on one thing: affordability. So here are 30 super-cute, under-$100 items we’re buying to decorate our home. I know you’ll want to snag them, too.

Terrain Yellow Daisy Doormat ($58)

Daisies aren’t just a popular motif in the fashion world right now. You can bring the cheerful trend to your front door, too.

Capra Designs Archie Pot ($69)

This super-cute turmeric pot is perfect for succulents since they like a smaller living environment.

Nathan James Amalia Nightstand ($65)

I love a circular side table. It doesn’t take up too much room but manages to still serve a much-needed purpose.

Kimberly Drew This Is What I Know About Art ($9)

Ever since Teen Vogue named Kimberly Drew as a young voice to follow years ago, I have kept my ear to the ground: Drew’s career in the art and fashion worlds have been so exciting to watch. Her new book has a home on my coffee table.

StyleCraft 16 Inch Table Lamp ($49)

I love the dimpled style on this lamp, and the blue finish makes it even cuter.

Shopbop @Home Oyoy Cima Cushion Pillow ($59)

Every cushion needs an oblong throw pillow.

Anchal Project Organic Cotton Geo Tassel Throw Pillow Cover ($58)

We have a teal-colored sofa, so we thought it would be fun to mix and match some black-and-white throw cushions.

Kesslyr Dean Mini Dot Block Print Pillow ($95)

Sometimes I like to sit on the floor instead of the couch, so I need throw pillows that can double as floor cushions.

Sferra Terzo Throw ($53)

An angel-soft, light-as-air throw blanket perfect for any Los Angeles night on the couch.

Bloomingville Seagrass Basket With Handles ($29)

This basket isn’t large but neither is our living room. It’s perfect for rolling up a few throw blankets.

Anthropologie Yvette Pommed Jute Rug ($68)

This rug is great next to our kitchen sink, where water always seems to get airborne. Plus, it’s really cute.

U Brands Contempo Magnetic Dry Erase Board ($7)

Okay, this may not be the chicest piece of home décor, but my boyfriend bought this for our refrigerator at the beginning of quarantine, and he leaves me a message pretty much every day. It’s been one of the biggest sources of joy I’ve been able to experience since the pandemic started.

Umbra Circular Mirror With Wood Frame ($85)

This chic mirror is such a steal.

Raawii Strøm Large Ceramic Vase ($75)

How fun is this shape? It comes in a few shades, but thank goodness my boyfriend and I both love yellow hues.

Jonathan Adler Greek Key Frame ($68)

It’s more important than ever to have framed pictures of my friends around the apartment since it feels like I haven’t seen them in years.

Areaware Concrete Table Tiles ($35)

If my mom came to my house and saw I didn’t use coasters, I would be in trouble.

Indego Africa Plateau Bowl ($70)

This handwoven bowl isn’t just incredibly pretty, it also is created through an amazing cause. Indego Africa is a nonprofit that empowers women in Rwanda through economic and education opportunities.

Anthropologie Bolo Hanging Planter ($40)

This planter is a really cute variation from the macramé styles often available for hanging plants.

Anthropologie Ruth Hook Rack ($58)

The perfect coatrack for our entryway.

Anthropologie Carson Jewelry Hook ($38)

If we’re being honest, this hook rack is probably going to see more of my boyfriend’s belts and caps than any jewelry, but we shall see.

Anthropologie Ainsley Frame ($88)

I’m so happy this simple-but-cute frame comes in different sizes. They’re perfect for the different pieces of art we have from all our friends.

Adesso Angelina 19 Inch Table Lamp ($39)

Pro tip: Pull-chain switches are game-changing details for bedside-table lamps.

Tangkula 5-Tier Ladder Shelf ($70)

I wish I could say our ladder shelf is a cute, decorative nook for photos and knickknacks, but every inch is taken up by cookbooks. I also wish I could say it was our only bookcase… After working in print publishing for five years, I may have acquired too many books.

Les Ottomans Gold-Trim Ikat-Print Tray ($39)

It’s always nice to have a pretty tray, especially when it has a price tag like this one

Raawii Ralae Small Glass Vase ($48)

I’m obsessed with this color.

Once Milano Houndstooth Linen Table Runner ($90)

Want to feel like you’re having a picnic at home? Spread a tablecloth like this over your coffee table.

Los Ottomans Ikat Cotton Table Runner ($92)

This is the kind of table runner I’d leave on the dining table 24/7.

La Montaña Galán de Noche Candle ($38)

Aside from any of the glorious smells that can waft from a kitchen, jasmine is my absolute favorite. I find it really comforting to light a jasmine-scented candle in the evening.

Anthropologie Effa Shelf ($88)

I love the small details on this shelf.

La Jolíe Muse Large Ceramic Plant Pot With Stand ($60)

This is a crazy price for a ceramic plant pot with a stand. I love these wood stands because you always want airflow beneath your plants, and these provide plenty.

Up next, these 37 random under-$100 items make me feel rich.

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