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I’m a Fashion Editor and Mom—These Are the Stylish Maternity Brands I Swear By

There came a point in my pregnancy (around the 16-week mark) where I could no longer get away with wearing justlarger-size clothing and extra-flowy fabrics. As much as I thought I didn’t need to buy maternity clothes (yep, super in denial for some reason!), when the zipper of my jeans could no longer stay up and even my largest dresses started to feel and look uncomfortable around my belly, I knew it was time to invest in some key maternity pieces that were comfortable, flattering, and practical enough to get me through the rest of my pregnancy. As a fashion editor working in an office filled to the brim with fashionable people, it was also very important that the maternity pieces I invested in looked notably chic. Luckily, with a lot of trying and testing, I found a handful of trusty brands that were the perfect balance of comfort and style.

Below, I’m sharing my favorites that got me through meetings, dinners, events, weekends, vacations, and casual days at home through my nine months.

1. H&M Mama

H&M’s maternity line is excellent for its trend-forward yet affordable basics that don’t sacrifice on style. I bought several bras, dresses, and blouses and a swimsuit that were super comfortable yet chic enough to wear to work.

H&M Mama Flounced Swimsuit ($40)

H&M Mama Jersey Dress ($40)

H&M Mama 2-pack Ribbed Tank Tops ($18)

2. Hatch Collection

Hatch has a beautiful selection of chic clothes that transitions well throughout pregnancy—ideal for wearing at 2 months or 9 months. I absolutely love their dress selection (with plenty of options for more formal events too). The quality and feel of the fabrics are lovely and made to last.

Hatch The Jenna Dress ($278)

Hatch The Ella Tank ($138)

Hatch The Margarette Dress ($328)

3. ASOS Maternity

ASOS maternity has a large selection of maternity pieces—ideal for those wanting trendy and super stylish pieces for all occasions—from workouts to weddings. I bought quite a number of stylish dresses and tops from the brand, especially since its price point is easy on the wallet. 

ASOS Maternity Midi Smock Dress ($51)

ASOS Maternity High Rise Stretch Straight Jeans ($41)

ASOS Maternity Daisy Smock Dress ($60)

4. Ingrid & Isabel

Ingrid & Isabel’s pieces are super versatile, and throughout my pregnancy, I wore a few key pieces including a work dress and super-comfortable leggings.

Ingrid & Isabel Maternity Essentials Set ($89)

Ingrid & Isabel Peplum Button Down Shirt ($78)

5. Target Maternity

Target is a great place to stock up maternity essentials that won’t cost a fortune—from leggings to tees and bras. (It also happens to carry an exclusive Isabel maternity line by Ingrid & Isabel—the brand mentioned above.)

Bravado Ballet Nursing Sleep Bra ($34)

Isabel Maternity Maternity Crossover Panel Active Capri Pants ($30)

6. Madewell Maternity Jeans

If you still want to wear your beloved jeans through pregnancy, try a pair from Madewell’s maternity jeans collection and style with a long blouse, tee, or poplin shirt. Citizens of Humanity, AG Jeans, and Paige also all have great denim options if you’re looking to invest in a pair to wear throughout pregnancy.

Madwell The Maternity Side-Panel Slim Boyjean: Adjustable Edition ($80)

Madewell Maternity Over-the-Belly Skinny Jeans in Black Sea ($138)

7. Topshop Maternity

If you love Topshop, then you’ll be happy to hear they carry a small but stylish selection of trend-forward maternity pieces in all categories.

Topshop Tiered Satin Maternity Midi Skirt ($28)

Topshop Gingham Maternity Blouse ($55)

8. Gap Maternity

You can always count on Gap for versatile essentials you can wear time and time again. I particularly love its charming jumpsuits and cute overalls—a great option when you have no time to think.

Gap Maternity Denim Shortalls ($60)

Gap Maternity Gauzy Wide-Leg Jumpsuit ($70)

9. Isabella Oliver

If you’re looking for a stylish dress for work, the weekend, or a special event, Isabella Oliver has some super-flattering and chic styles.

Isabella Oliver Brunswick One Shoulder Maternity Dress ($159)

Isabella Oliver Stella Maternity Dress ($89)

10. Nom Maternity

If you favor high-quality fabrics that are made to last, then Nom Maternity is an excellent option. Its silhouettes are very flattering too.

Nom Maternity Emma Gingham Check Midi Maternity Dress ($128)

Nom Maternity Snap Maternity/Nursing Dress ($67)

11. Cache Coeur

If you’re pregnant, I hope you get to spend some time in a pool. It was definitely my happy place when I was expecting, as it took the pressure off my joints. If you’re looking for a comfortable Insta-worthy swimsuit while you’re relaxing in the pool, I highly recommend Cache Coeur.

Cache Coeur Poppy One-Piece Maternity Swimsuit ($110)

Cache Coeur Monaco One-Piece Maternity Swimsuit ($99)

12. Dôen

While Dôen isn’t specifically a maternity brand, it is loved by expectant moms for its forgiving fabrics and silhouettes that allow for belly growth. Perfect for wearing before, during, and after pregnancy. I wore a Dôen dress for my baby shower and received a lot of lovely compliments.

Dôen Baudoin Ruffled Floral Print Dress ($325)

Dôen Jane Floral Print Cotton-Blend Blouse ($148)

Up next, the absolute comfiest clothes I tested on maternity leave.

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