April 15, 2024


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Outdoor Garments Among The Main Fashion Trends 2020-2021

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The key word for this season is diversity. Variety of models, designs, colors, details and styles of all outer garments delight the eye and fall in love. Even the most basic garments in our wardrobe are renewed and transformed to ensure their place among the main fashion trends 2020-2021. To satisfy your tastes, adapt to your style and so that you always go to the trend at vlone. This is fashion!

Surely what worries you the most is the closest perspective? We are already in autumn; the temperatures will gradually drop until we get cold. You will take more clothes, more layers. And of course, these clothes have to be pretty, attractive and modern. Therefore, I propose you to discover the most important trends in outerwear (vlone jacket, coats, and trench) for the autumn-winter 2020-2021 seasons.

1. Vests

Vests have been drawing our attention for years. But it is in the autumn-winter of last year that knitted vests were proclaimed as one of the main trends of the season. Then, in spring-summer 2020 we changed for the three-piece suit vests or as an independent garment that completed our outfits. What will happen to them in the autumn-winter 2020-2021 seasons?

This season the trend goes much further by offering designs and styles of this garment in all its possible versions. Short and long, in different fabrics: denim, leather, knitwear, velvet, in suit fabrics, synthetic leather and quilts. In basic and neutral colors or bright seasonal colors. With detail of pockets, fringes or embroidery. Style tip: the longer versions are worn with the belt.

 2. Blazer

The blazer is another basic garment in our wardrobe. And every season it appears in the collections of the main fashion houses without exception. This season they will be wearing both men’s style blazers, square or slightly oversize and with well-defined shoulders (those that we have already worn during the last seasons). But also feminine, elegant and fitted designs at the waist.

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In the autumn-winter 2020-2021 season, the following stand out: the blazers in basic colors (black, gray, olive, earthy tones, beige, navy blue and white) and in bright colors (blue, emerald green and pink), checkered pattern and pinstripe, corduroy and velvet and double-breasted models.

Seasonal Style Tricks: If you like to wear your belt over your blazer, this style trick is still on for one more season. Another interesting detail is the gathered sleeves.

3. Cardigan

Another garment in our basic wardrobe becomes the star of the season. Cardigans are experiencing a real boom for several seasons in a row. Many designers present their versions of this knitted garment. From classic fine ribbed cardigans to chunky cable knit or rice grain maxi models. We can also find renewed, elegant and feminine models that will be one more garment for our stylish outfits.

They take all lengths: from extra mini to maxi models on the floor. Free cut or tight. The most fashionable colors for cardigans will be (in this order): black, brown, gray, white, red, beige, blue, green, lime, pink and orange. Multicolored, mixed-thread or crocheted models are also in high esteem.

4. Short Jacket

If you are looking for a new and different trend for outerwear, pay attention to short jackets. We’ve already talked about extra short blazers and cardigans above. Well, jackets also add to this trend. The ones that stand out the most are straight cut and marked shoulders.

Materials to highlight: leather, tweed, velvet, warm fabric, raincoat, suede, synthetic leather, denim and mixed fabrics. An interesting option for special occasions will be the short sequin jacket.

5. Trench Coats

Each season, trench coats occupy a special place in fashion collections. It is one of the basic garments that never go out of style, it just reinvents itself. This fall the trench will continue to have a lot of prominence, but it will do so with renewed shapes and silhouettes.

Pay attention to long models (at the ankle height or longer), with asymmetric hem, fringes or openings. Classic midi length versions also have a place in the seasonal wardrobe. And if you like to experiment and are looking for more daring garments, trench coats with a complex design are made for you.

Beige is the king of the season for the trench coat. Other colors that stand out are: gray, brown, white, navy blue, black and pink.