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Weird fashion trends of 2022 people are crazy about


 Weird fashion trends of 2022 (Photo: Courtesy)

The theme that we’re seeing right now is ‘make it work.’ Whatever you choose to experiment with should look good and it’s so easy to get away with a lot of things if you know how to pull it off.

At the same time, there are still some things that just don’t look good regardless of who’s wearing them. Doesn’t matter if it’s a celebrity because they can’t fool us into thinking that something ugly actually looks nice just because they wore it.

So far there are a couple of items that many people can agree aren’t aesthetically pleasing. They might be popular, they might even be expensive, but they’re still super weird.

Do you agree?

Well, here is the list:

 Jelly shoes (Photo: Courtesy)

Jelly shoes

We thought that those jelly shoes with buckles were just for kids. Many of us wore them a long time ago back in the ’80s and 90s but now they’ve made a comeback, unfortunately.

It is not difficult to see all sorts of jelly shoe versions but the strangest ones have to be those with the heels and, hear this, jelly sneakers!

These are supposed to be summer shoes but when the heat, rubber and foot odour mix, you guessed it. It’s a stink bomb!

 Clogs are everybody’s go-to now (Photo: Courtesy)


Another pair of shoes to make it on the weird trendy shoe list is the clogs. Fashionistas will argue that it’s cool to wear them with wide-legged pants or maybe a cute dress but these just aren’t it.

Let us not ignore the fact that they are so bulky and most of them aren’t comfortable to wear. To add insult to injury, they even made the crocs. But to be honest these are still not working.

You really have to have a unique sense of style to make these look good.

 Flamboyant sleeves (Photo: Courtesy)

Excessively flamboyant sleeves

Exaggerated sleeves can be a very cute addition to your outfit. They have a feminine flow and they are a great staple for special occasions.

However, some of these styles are just doing the most. Some people have no clue that there is a thin line between sleeves that make you look like an elegant flower and those that give off a crazy bird that’s about to take flight vibes.

 Baggy jeans for the win on the streets (Photo: Courtesy)

Super baggy jeans

Salute to the style evolution from skinny jeans to baggy jeans that are happening right now. Baggy jeans are very flattering and you have so many options on how to pair them whether it’s with sneakers, sandals or heels.

But recently, Bella Hadid stepped out in some strange baggy jeans that reminded many of us of the huge Fubu jeans from back in the day that is a major no-no.

Although she pulled them off somewhat with pointed heels, it is no surprise some bold peeps have started rocking this trend.

 Weird designer accessories (Photo: Courtesy)

Cheesy designer items

Rocking designer won’t go out of style anytime soon. It’s a status thing when everyone knows you can drop a couple of thousands on a designer piece so that will be a thing for a long time.

This year, there is still buzz around weird designer items from over-the-top branded clothes to alien-like crocs and pointless chains. Even though they can cost my entire life, they are still kinda tacky if the truth is being put on the table.

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